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Commemorating 200 million Victims of the Synagogue of Satan


By: Anthony Migchels 



How can we forgive, what we cannot accept?

In the days of Easter we remember the suffering of Christ and, far more importantly, His resurrection. His suffering, whether you believe or not it was for the redemption of us all, is in many ways a symbol for human suffering throughout the ages. His resurrection is comforting, because it shows us that those who have been destroyed, often in the most atrocious, humiliating and painful ways imaginable, by the powers of Darkness have not died in vain and will live.

The despicable lie of the Holocaust, six million people gassed in the camps, has been replacing the death of Christ as exactly that symbol. Of course, the approximately 300.000 that died in the Nazi ethnic cleansing/slavery operation and the fact that millions were deported from their homes, represents a terrible crime. Not to mention the Einsatzgruppen, following in the footsteps of the Wehrmacht during Operation Barbarossa. Their most infamous mass slaughter was at Babi Yar.

But the lie of gas chambers and intentional genocide on an industrial basis befoul the memory of those Jews that did die. And even far worse is, that it desecrates and diminishes our awareness of the hundreds of millions that have died during the last few centuries by the hands of Jews.

This, of course, is by design. The real murderers need cover. The lie is as dear to them as is the blood of innocents. As Christ said: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

Martyrdom is the essential Jewish cultural characteristic. And long before the Second World War Jews have been screaming murder about their losses. Some of which they actually did suffer.

Martyrdom for the Jewish People and its close relative, Antisemitism, are the tools that the leaders of the Jewish community use to bind together the diaspora. The recent film ‘Defamation’ is an excellent survey of this process by a lucid young Jewish man. This film is so strong because it was made by a rather naive Jew of very high intelligence and personal power, simply wondering what all this Antisemitism is about.

This film is a must see for all, but most of all for Jewish people wherever they are if they ever want to snap out of the conditioning that is not only keeping themselves confined in fear, but also makes them a threat to the billions of non Jews they live amongst.

So it is in this context that in the weekend of Easter I correct an omission in my ‘The Jewish Question in Modern Times‘: the naming of some of the large scale genocidal crimes that Jews have committed in the last few centuries.

To commemorate the hundreds of millions of people who have been murdered in the most diverse ways possible. And of course, to simply face reality, so that finally ALL the nations of the world will be able to scream:


The Great Depression 2.0

Although the Great Depression 2.0 has only just begun, it has already cost the west tens of trillions of euro’s and it will be the prelude to the Third World War just as the Great Depression 1.0 was the prelude to the Second.

The Great Depression 2.0, as are all financial/economic crises, is caused by banks, which are supervised and controlled by Central Banks.

The two great Central Banks in the World, the ECB and the Federal Reserve are both run by Jews: Jean Claude Trichet and Ben Shalom Bernanke. Alan Greenspan, Bernanke’s predecessor and the man more than anybody else responsible for the current credit crunch is also a Jew. As are three other Federal Reserve Board Members, including its Vice President.

Blankfein, the boss of Goldman Sachs, the great winner of the bank war that this great Credit Crunch really is, is Jewish. He says he is doing Gods work. He’s not lying. What we need to ask ourselves is, what god is he serving? GS was one of the great winners of TARP. Maurice Greenberg, who defrauded the taxpayer of more than 100 billion dollars with his AIG is also Jewish. Madoff is Jewish.

It is clear that the most by far of all the major players in this Credit Crisis are Jewish.

Although it is impossible to look into the future, I’m willing to bet a Shekel that it will indeed be the beginning of a truly horrendous catastrophe. The above shows it is entirely of Jewish making.

The Current Middle East Genocides

The slaughter of the Iraqi and Afghan peoples is a direct result of the efforts of the ADL/AIPAC lobbies in the United States. As was written in the Protocols of their Learned Elders: “….we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan.”

The number of Jews in the most senior positions of the the Bush1/Clinton/Bush2/Obama administrations can easily be established.

David Petraeus, the commander of the American Forces in the Middle East is Jewish. Israeli ‘advisers’ are nested in with the American forces, because of their experience in dealing with ‘terrorists’.

Iraq was invaded on the day of the Purim, both in 1991 and in 2003. The day of the Purim is the yearly celebration of the slaughter of 75000 innocents as a result of Jewish intrigue, described in the despicable book of the prostitute Esther.

The genocide started in 1991, with the incineration of more than 100.000 fleeing Iraqi soldiers on the ‘Highway of Death’ from Kuwait to Basra, after having been promised free passage.

It began in earnest after the end of the first Gulf War with the excruciating sanctions that were unleashed when Saddam surrendered. Madeleine Albright, a Jewess, is on record as stating that the death of 500.000 Iraqi children through deprivation as a result of the sanctions was a ‘price worth paying’. But many more died, not just the children.

Since 2003 about 1,5 million Iraqi’s have died and about 5 million have fled their homes. The total number of deaths in Iraq will probably never be known, since they are not counted.

Since 2001 in Afghanistan 4,7 million people have died as a direct result of the invasion. This includes people dying of deprivation as a result of losing their homes and a destroyed economy. These figures are by the UN.

However, since the Zionist inspired invasion, the Opium production of Afghanistan has flourished as never before. That was the key goal of the invasion after the Taliban had destroyed all poppy fields during their reign. Afghan poppy production has a worldwide market value of 500 billion dollars per annum. The true owners of the drug trade have never changed since it was under the control of the British Empire, which fought two wars with China for access for its opium on the China Market. As Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild himself said at that time: “The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

The most nefarious weapon of choice for slow mass murder in the Middle Eastern Genocide has been Depleted Uranium. Radioactive dust as a result of large scale use of grenades tipped with Depleted Uranium has spread all over Afghanistan and Iraq. As a result of this the death toll through cancer in these two nations has been skyrocketing.

Through radio active poisoning the most horrendous birth defects have become so common place that many women after giving birth not ask about the gender of the baby, but whether it is normal.

It has taken me years to be able to look at the pictures of the children being born there.

The Afghans and Iraqi’s are now slowly waking up to the fact that not only this generation is being destroyed, but that they face extinction as Nations.

The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and its Reign of Terror.

As is by now well known, Marx (a Jew) was sponsored by the Jewish Rothschild Crime Family to create Marxism. Marxisms biggest victory was 1917, a revolution dominated by Jews. Four of the six members of the first Politburo were Jewish. Lenin was not, but he had a Jewish Grandfather and spoke Jiddish.

The financing of the Revolution itself was coordinated by Jacob Schiff, the agent of the Rothschilds in the US at that time.

Tens of millions died as a direct result of the Bolshevik Revolution. And they died in true agony.

One just has to think of the Jewish murders of the Czar family. One of the killers was sick enough to rape the corpse of one of the Czar’s daughters.

Most died under Stalin. Although it is not entirely clear whether he was Jewish himself, a supposition for which there is strong circumstantial evidence, it is certain that his two wives were.

In Russia itself the Great Terror reached its climax in the years before the Second World War: “From January 1, 1935 to June 22, 1941, 19,840,000 enemies of the people were arrested. Of these, seven million were shot in prison, and a majority of the others died in camp. (source)”

But Stalin’s biggest crime was the Holodomor. The starvation of 10 million Ukranians. Famine is one of the most excruciating, slowest and humiliating deaths possible. In some area’s of the Ukraine half of the populace died. The NKVD, in which Jews were ridiculously overrepresented, shot anybody trying to escape their lot. The Ukraine, which is the most fertile land in the entire world, was robbed of its grain. The grain was stored in the granaries in the centers of the villages from where it was stolen, while the people died around them.

Meanwhile, in the Kremlin, Stalin was simply denying it was happening and having everybody executed who dared protesting it.

All in all at least 20 million within the Soviet Union died as a direct result of the Bolshvik Revolution, but many scholars believe the number may even be 30 million.

The Second World War

A lot has already been said about the Second World War. Fifty to sixty million died. But in the public imagination it was primarily a battle of Gentile nations. With the Jews being the biggest victims.

I will not repeat the stories of the endless bloodletting, but simply say the entire affair was run by Jews and point out one or two ‘forgotten’ aspects of this war that need to be brought back into our awareness.

Roosevelt was a Jew. It is very likely that Stalin was a Jew, but it is certain that both his wives were Jewish. There are serious reasons to believe that Churchill was a Jew. Eisenhower was a Jew, he admitted that the best thing he ever did for his career was ask Bernard Baruch for advice. The same Baruch that compensated Churchill for his losses during the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

A crucial part of the so called Holocaust is, that it was sponsored by the leaders of the Zionist movement, who wanted the Jews to be expelled from Europe to their new ‘homeland’, Palestine. One of their leaders put it this way: “If I knew that it would be possible to save all the (Jewish) children in Germany by bringing them over to England and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Israel, then I opt for the second alternative.”

Eisenhower murdered almost two million German soldiers after the war in real death camps. The soldiers were locked in camps which basically had nothing but a fence. Left with insufficient clothing and hardly any food, people who tried to give them a little bread were shot. Eisenhower knew exactly what he was doing and gave all the orders that led to this mass murder.

It is absolutely clear that Hitler was financed by the international bankers, who are all Jewish and always have been so. Exactly the bankers he was saying in Mein Kampf he was going to attack. We know that Hitler gave one of them, Paul Warburg, a free passage out of Germany.

Hitler allowed the British to escape from Dunkirk. He started his own genocidal campaign in the Ukraine after conquering that nation in 1941. Just after the Ukrainians had been through the Holodomor. Had he given them a gun, they would have marched to Moscow for him. The Nazi leadership simply did not want to win this war, because they themselves were stooges for the enemies they were saying they were destroying. They were members of the same ‘Secret’ Societies.

Hitler himself probably was a Rothschild Bastard. His mother worked for one of them as a maid.

So not only was the Second World War financed by Jewish Financiers, ALL of the main protagonists, Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and his man in command Eisenhower and Hitler himself either were Jewish or had very strong Jewish connections.

Slavery, the Genocide of the African Peoples

The true scale of the genocide of the African Peoples through slavery has gone unnoticed to most. As have the real culprits.

Yes, white people bought the slaves and worked them on the cotton fields. And yes, the Negro’s themselves brought their brothers to the ships. But it were Jews who planned, financed and organized the entire trade. They reaped by far the largest part of the profits.

Slavery was prohibited in the Colonies in the first half of the 17th century. But the nascent Jewish Freemasonry managed to overcome this obstacle.

The first slave traders, who were all Jewish, brought liquor to the shores of Africa. The Negro’s there fell for its lure, and after getting hooked first sold their own women, than their children to the liquor dealers. Than they bought guns and bullets from the Jews to kidnap their neighbors to trade them. The Jews managed to create many internecine conflicts on the continent to keep this profitable cattle trade going.

After they got great returns on their first investments in the slave trade, they quickly retreated to their more comfortable mansions in the New World and had the usual stooges do the dirty work. The Jews never fear doing the murdering themselves, but they are always ready to pay some criminals to do it for them, after they have set the example.

But they continued to own all the ships that brought the slaves to the New World, and reap all the profits from it.

The Negro’s that were captured by their brethren were marched to the shores to be sold for liquor and guns. The longer the slave trade lasted, the longer these marches became, because they had to go deeper land inwards. More than ninety percent of those kidnapped died marching to their doom. The more that went, the more bones of their sorry predecessors were there on the roads they traveled.

After they were delivered to the ships, they sailed for months while lying in the small confines they were forced in to. They had no more space than when they would have been buried alive. Lying shoulder to shoulder they remained there for three to five months in their own excrement. Terrible battles were fought between the men for one inch of space. The younger women were continuously raped by the sailors.

All in all, 110 million Negro’s were marched to a despicable fate. Only 11 million reached the shores of the America’s.

99 million Negro’s died between 1661 and the middle of the 19th century.

It explains to this day, why Africa is relatively scarcely populated.


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